BFC / BFCCT / Armfield Support Group Mental Health Initiative

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Lockdown is proving to be a difficult time for many of us and is causing an increase in mental health issues.

Over the weekend a couple of Zoom discussions took place between BFC supporters and representatives of Blackpool Football Club and the Community Trust.

This was prompted in part by some recent posts on social media and the fact that too many of us have and unfortunately will continue to experience the loss of friends, family and colleagues as a result of people taking their own lives.

The aim of the meetings was to see if we could find ways of working together to help any BFC fans (and any other people for that matter) who might be feeling lonely, isolated, depressed or having a difficult time.

We agreed on the formation of an Armfield Support Group to reach out to sections of our fanbase that might not ordinarily contact established mental health groups and organisations.

The group will initially have a contact number and be staffed by BFC fans happy to speak to anybody having a difficult time who feels the need for help or to speak to or to text somebody.

When Covid passes we will be able to use The Armfield Club to meet as a group or as individuals to bring us closer together..

Blackpool Football Cub is very much the glue that binds our community and fanbase together and is committed to supporting awareness of all mental health assistance initiatives both now and in the future. The club has donated signed memorabilia to be auctioned by the ASG to help raise the necessary start up funds.

More details to follow soon.