Fundraising for The Armfield Mural 1. Business Funding 2. Supporter Funding

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As we encountered complications regarding  external advertising to finance the mural project we have had a rethink.

Based on feedback from Armfield Club members and BFC fans we have decided on the following and to pursue 2 sources of funding.

Business Funding : £250 per company (or whatever you or your company can manage)

Instead of a main sponsor (which based on the current costs of billboard advertising would have provided a good ongoing source revenue) we are looking to include as many local businesses as we can. We are asking for a minimum donation of £250 per company – we expect some will pledge more. 

Each company that donates will have the company name and logo displayed internally on the screens. We will also create and deliver plaques on behalf of The Armfield Club as a thank you to each company.

Design 5

Supporter Funding : £10 per supporter (or whatever amount each of you can manage)


Based on feedback this seems a reasonable amount. Everything about the The Armfield Club has been created by the supporters for the supporters so it would be great to get as many as possible contributing. If we get 500 supporters this will bring in a minimum of £5,000 which is halfway towards the cost of the project.

Once completed we will create a plaque listing all the names of supporters who contributed and get this up on the wall in the Armfield Bar. 


The will be a similar idea to the Roll of Honour created by Mick Paige for the We Are The Seasiders fundraiser, with a picture of the above mural.

The link to the Just Giving Funding Page is : Crowdfunding to Finance the Jimmy Armfield Mural on JustGiving

One  additio0nal idea is that (if it’s cost effective) we might be able to produce copies of this plaque for supporters who want to have one for themselves. 

This will obviously cost considerably more than £25 but will hopefully be a unique piece to commemorate the creation of what will be an iconic design.