Support Group

The Armfield Support Group was set up in Jan / Feb 2021 based on discussions between BFC, the BFC Community Trust and members of The Armfield Club.

It was agreed that there are individuals in our fan-base and community that might not ordinarily contact established mental health groups and organisations.

We therefore formed the ASG as a volunteer group to work closely with Blackpool FC and the BFC Community Trust alongside other groups which specialise in drug, alcohol and gambling addiction.

As a new group we are looking to recruit volunteers and partners into our network who are able and willing to assist.

From March 21st 2021 we have a new contact number – 0330 107 0303, please feel free to make a note of it and pass it on.

The previous number 07736 580692 is still receiving calls but is being phased out.

The Armfield Support Group includes people who have experienced mental health issues and people whom work as professionals or volunteers in mental health organisations

The Armfield Support Group is available and keen to help.

If you or a friend or family member is in a dark place please call us on 0330 107 0303 and remember you are never alone we are only a phone call away.